I’ve moved the blog!!! 


Check it before you wreck it!


I’ve known Brooke for 12 years now.  Wait.  That can’t be right.  We met in 1997 when we lived in rooms next to each other our freshman year in college.  It’s 2009.  2009-1997=12.  Yikes.  I am getting old. 

So I’ve known Brooke for a while now.  Brooke looooves quotes.  She used to go to Books A Million on some rainy afternoon…..ok probably on some sunny afternoons but I’m trying to make her look a little more intellectual and a little less weird…love ya B!…sit in the card aisle and just read the quotes.  She obviously wasn’t reading the ones like I sent my father in law (here’s your bday potty -> insert pic of big toilet here <- hilarious!) but, rather the ones that could describe how you were feeling in a sentence or two.  It’s hard to describe how you’re feeling in a sentence or two.

Anyway, so Brooke and I crazy different.  It’s amazing we’re still friends.  We’re still friends because of her really.  I can get…ummm…rather….emotionally introverted??  Brooke has always patiently fought for our friendship.  Throughout the years, though, she’s made me a little more in touch with my emotional side.  She’s a good friend.

Now, in honor of B, I will post two quotes that have stuck with me the last couple of days.  I got them off facebook.  Hey, I said I was a LITTLE more in touch with my emotional side. 

From my friend Jasmaine’s page…

Discern what you let in and always be sure to give out LOVE.

From my friend Christa’s page…

‘To get something you never had, you have to do something you neverdid.’ When God takes something from your grasp, He’s not punishing you,but merely opening your hands to receive something better. ‘The will of God will never take you where the Grace ofGod will not protect you.’
Oh yeah, I’m all deep like that….

I must say that I’m extremely lucky. Trev takes jake every weekend morning so that I can sleep in a bit. Before you get too into the awww, you’re so lucky…the man has only had to wake up in the middle of the night for the kid once is the almost 17 months jake’s been alive…but, yeah…awwww, I’m lucky.

They have this ritual where they head to the grocery store and pick up breakfast. The standard weekday waffles or pancakes will not do on the weekends. You have to have a chocolate covered cream filled donut. I really need to jump on the nutrition bandwagon at somepoint.

I often wonder what the do in the 2 hours they have time alone.  I have visions of Trev teaching him the alphabet, colors, alegbra, or maybe even Shakespeare.  Ummm…wrong….

My friend Jan is a crazy crafter, awesome  artist and a sassy scientist.  OK…sassy isn’t the best adjective but, I was trying.  Anyway, she’s having a giveaway on her blog and I want to be entered twice.  Soo….

giveaway 002 copy

Every few months I get over my cheapness and decide to take the plunge and buy a few things for the house.  It’s probably better that I have a few months in between the shopping sprees because I change my mind every other day.  Poor Trev had to pay the price of my indecision.  I made him bring stuff up from the basement when I said I would for sure never want them in the family room again.  I made him move all the stuff that I thought for sure I would want in the family room forever into the guest room.  I’ll post pictures of the result very soon.

I’m also starting to get a little…ummm…don’t know the word….sad?….about leaving jake for the weekend.  I keep thinking that we’ll be sooo far away (MN) and what if something happens to us.  Will he ever know how much his mommy loves him?  Morbid, I know.  Trev is probably shaking his head while he’s reading this thinking…. a) why is she sharing these thoughts on the blog and b) I told her to think about how much she needs this break.  My marriage is very much a ying and yang kind of relationship.  Anyway, I know I need the break and I know jake needs to get some independence.  I know it will all be ok….as I try to stomp down the pessimist inside of me.

Every now and then Trevor asks me what I’m thinking about.  The answer is usually something he’s not expecting to hear.  When I ask him, every now and then the answer is “nothing.”  Is that a man thing…or a Trevor thing?  Nothing is never an acceptable answer for me to give him.  He says my mind is always thinking about something.  It’s true.  It’s probably why I can’t get to sleep nowadays.

My baby is becoming a little boy.  It’s crazy.  The other day at the park I got to catch him crawling through a tunnel.  I like to think he was crawling to me….to tell me he’ll always be my little boy.  I know, stop being a sap.  Whatever….I’m leaving him for over 48 hours!!



I guess it’s a little early for the great pumpkin but, our family gets excited for….anything really. 

Every year we have a family reunion of sorts for grammy’s side of the family.  The H’s live in the country….well it seems like the country to me anyway.  They have this garden in their backyard and in that garden….yup, you guessed it…they have pumpkins.  I guess it may be a little early to call them full fledge pumpkins but, like I said, we get excited for anything really.

Gramps grabbed jake and let him explore the patch a little.

I promise I wipe my kids face but, it was right after dinner.  He’s a boy.  He’ll survive with some ketchup on his face.
jake really liked getting down to the ground and searching for what was under the leaves.
He’s pretty psyched for the pumpkins.
I feel like every blogger has been talking about how they’re a bad blogger.  So, ummm, I’ve been a bad blogger. 

I have tons of updates but, I also have a messy house and loads of laundry and a kid I’m still trying to wean so he’s crying from 1pm to about 3:30pm and I’m stressed about what it’s going to be like when I try to drop his night feeding and I’m dealing with the peeps that have some sort of opinion about me still nursing a 16mo old despite the fact that the World Health Organization recommends you do it until they are 2 and I need a haircut like something awful and I’m thinking about how I’m leaving the kid for the first time the weekend after next and I have some research to do for a special project and I want to redecorate my house and I have a bunch of projects for the kid’s playroom….whatevs, you don’t want to hear about my issues. 

OK.  A few weekends ago, we decided to visit the splash pad with Daddy.  Each time jake and I went, it was pretty busy with kids so it was a treat to have the place to ourselves for a few minutes. 




I’ve got so much more…pumpkin patches, doughnuts, slides, and tunnels.  Plus, we’ve got a lot going on with the house and trying to make it a home so I figure I should try and post more about that, too.  I’m tired just thinking about it. 

I bought a new lens the other day.  It’s manual focus.  Yikes!  Since it’s all manual and all, I’ve been practicing.  Here’s one of my first manual focus practice shots.  Love him!!

I’m late.  They came last weekend to celebrate….and work on the basement…have to get basement pics up very soon.  Anyway, we tried to make grammy’s birthday a special one.

We made a special “Happy Birthday, Grammy!” banner.

We baked special “G” cupcakes and made sure one with a candle was waiting for the birthday girl’s arrival.

We think she was surprised?!

Good lookin’ grammy, huh?